Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Argh and Ahoy!!

This morning we were fortunate enough to attend a book launch at our local library.  This is not the sort of thing that normally comes to a small town like Maryborough, so we were all very excited!  The picture book was "Captain Crabclaw's Crew", written by Australian author Frances Watts and illustrated by David Legge.  Both Frances and David were there; they read their story with much enthusiasm, led the children in a pirate song, encouraged lots of participation in a second reading of their book, and willingly signed brand-new purchased copies (yes, we bought one, it's a great story!).  David even demonstrated his drawing for us- a real insight into how these amazing illustrations come to be.  It was a real eye-opener for the children, and lots of fun too.

We had a great time getting ready this morning, finding costume pieces, making swords, etc.  How blessed we are to now have Saraya home once again to enjoy these family times together.

Even Bobo was dressed up and in the spirit of the day!

We all head out to the car to head out on our adventure!  "Into the ship!" shouts Elijah in his best Captain's voice .....

Frances Watts and David Legge in action!

Saraya got the runner's up prize for the best costume!  She was so stoked!

And Elijah had fun making this pirate hat.

I did a fair bit of chasing young William - he loves this dvd rack at the library!


It's been a fantastic day.  Lots of learning going on, in so many different ways.  I now have 3 children resting quietly, and I am enjoying this bit of peaceful time before the afternoon activities begin!

An art lesson after rest time (we are looking at Renoir's paintings), then a quick bite to eat before heading to town.  A play with Chloe and Declan for Saraya and ELijah this afternoon (thankyou Cathy!) while Will and I do the grocery shopping, then Will joins the kids while I head to dancing class with Stuart!  I'm a little less sore each week after our big warm-up stretching sessions. :) Getting there.  Baby steps.

Anyway mateys, hope you've all had a day of swashbuckling adventure too!

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Helen said...

Ahaaaa we went this avo - very, very cool. Keep your eye out for the fantastic pirates in next week's paper. I had a good chat with Francis and David and they make exactly $1 out of each book sold!! There are only approx 5 children's authors in Australia who make a living out of their books. How sad is that. Guess I'll have to give up the dream of being a rich author. Oh well. Luv ya.


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