Monday, May 25, 2009

The falling asleep video post..... as promised


I told you I would put up this little video of my sweet William falling asleep in his birthday cake.... yes, it is a bit cruel to film him dozing upright but I really did clean him up and tuck him in bed as soon as I turned off the camera.  Truly!   Hope you enjoy.  ;)


Tereza said...

very very adorable!! My now 4 year old used to do that all the time!:)

Helen said...

Hey Will - I am just so jealous!!! I wish with all my heart I could stuff cake into my mouth and just nod off (and look cute at the same time). You have all the fun - I mean, you got presents as well!!! Not fair. I want to be one again. OK, maybe not, but I really do want the cake and the nap!!! Love ya big fella.

Copland said...

Ha! Love the smacking sound as he eats, so funny!!

Hope all is well with you guys. How's the moving thing going?

jazzy cat said...

Looks like a very happy day for William! And now you have extra ammunition for public embarrassment at his 21st ;-)
Happy 1st Birthday to the little man!

Sandra said...

That is way too cute! It must have been pretty good cake hey William? Happy birthday little man!

Theresa said...

Happy First Birthday William!
Hip hip hooray for your great day:-)

Renata said...

Sleep / food - what a quandary!! I remember Zai falling asleep in the highchair!
What a great thing you captured that on video - you'll have to play it for his 21st!!


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