Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Keep them open, keep them open......

I'm not feeling a heap better this morning.  I think it must be a bit hormonal because I was irrationally teary last night!!  

William and I were up between 4 and 6am this morning.  Guess who's idea that was?  I'll give you a clue......... not mine.  Anyhow, now that we are finally dressed and cleaned up a bit and into the day, things are looking a little brighter.  I keep writing bits of very interesting (well, interesting to me) posts in my head - if I had a clearer head, and some child-free time, I could give you a beauty today, I'm sure!!  Of course, neither the clear head nor the child-free time is going to happen.  I'm sorry to disappoint.........  :)

Hope everyone is having a good day!  I'm off to finish putting away the groceries from yesterday and do some more reading with my kids.   Oh, and try to remember to keep my eyes open.


Renata said...

Hope you can get some rest soon - 4-6am - doesn't he know that 8-10am is a MUCH, MUCH more fun time!!!

Heather said...

I hope tomorrow is better! I'm NOT looking forward to those sleepless nights again...I'm really praying for a baby who sleeps this time! My other two certainly didn't.

Theresa said...

Hey I was up with Isaac between 4-6am this morning... you should call me and we can chat while the boys think it's playtime.


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