Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keep those creative times a-coming!

It is late and I am tired but once again full of adrenalin after a creative afternoon/evening!!!  Seems to be a standard Wednesday night thing.   Dancing class followed by the newly formed vocal ensemble which Stu and I are part of.  There's about 10 of us.  Lots of harmony work, great great songs and good singers all round.  I LOVED it.  So much fun, especially after so many years "off".  :)

I love Wednesdays!!

Now off to get some sleep so I can survive in my regular day-job tomorrow.........


Wendy said...

I feed on creativity too! It gives me a rush! Writing mostly, but working on a fun craft project has the same effect.
~ Wendy

jazzy cat said...

Love it! Sounds a fantastic way to spend 'Hump Day'!!


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