Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good enough to eat!

We've had a great day today, and are set to have another one tomorrow as we set off for a grand family adventure!  More about that soon .....

Today started off with a sleep-in for some fortunate family members (do I need to mention that I wasn't one of them?  No, I didn't think I did...), breakfast and a whole hour playing- er, learning with Math manipulatives.  Thank you so much Jane, they were very much enjoyed!! 

 A lovely phone-call from Grandad Fern (we're all looking forward to seeing you next week!!),  and then a visit from our little friend Declan for a couple of hours while his mummy had a well-deserved rest.  :)   Having my big girl around to help with little boys and not-so-little boys was GREAT!  And hooray for Dr. Seuss!

A big rest after Declan was picked up, then a great outdoorsy afternoon spent playing in the sand, jumping on the trampoline, washing, folding, bird-watching (aren't these Lorikeets stunning?), gardening (Saraya and I managed to plant out a whole patch, I am so happy! it was one of those afternoons that just went on and on-in a good way) and generally getting very dirty.

 Long, warm lavender baths soon fixed that.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love really really warm lavender baths in the cold months?  So, so much.  Actually, I'd take them pretty much anytime they're offered.  :)  Heck, I give my kids one every single night - even the scent and the ambiance of them instantly relaxes me, and we all know we can do with a bit of that during the crazy, pre-dinner hour, right?!

So it's been another good day.  Getting to finish it off with blogging is always the icing on the cake for me too.  :)  Off to bed with my husband and our wonderfully warm feather doona!

Oh, just one more thing.

Is it just me?

Or is this baby

so adorable in his navy blue and white stripey pyjamas

that you 

could just

eat him all up?

I know I could!!

But maybe I'm just biased 'cos I'm his Mamma.


Cathy said...

Naah - not just you:)

Tereza said...

sounds like a lovely day and those birds are so pretty!
Your baby is adorable and cuddly and just awesome! I love babies!

Maus said...

nice to see your children picture...
thanks for sharing!!!

Heather said...

He's adorable! Those PJs are just darling.

Aunt B. said...

He is so adorable and my how he has grown. I haven't had the time recently to visit your blog with the busy spring planting season, May is a very busy month in Alaska and William has changed in just a few weeks, he looking more like a toddler with a thiner face and him walking about. Yes, good enough to eat or as I like to tell little ones; sweeter than jam on toast. Nice to hear about your time in the garden, I am in mine every day, or the greenhouse; happily working/playing in the dirt. You made my eveing pleasant with a stop in to read and catch up with your happenings in your world.

jazzy cat said...

He's a dapper young man indeed in those pj's! Heck, I have to admit he's adorable and I'd eat him all up too ;-)

Renata said...

Thos maths manipulatives look great!! It looks like homeschooling is going really well for you. I like your bird feeders - they are such a wonderful idea. & Will is definitely totally adorable!!


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