Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My heart's desire

My heart's desire has always been to have my children close to me, to teach them at home as they grow, to have a strong emotional bond with them, to keep them safe, protect them, walk beside them through their childhood years.  

My heart's desire has always been to be a homeschooling mother.

Yes, I know this is the second post in one day, but I needed to write a little post to tell you our super wonderful amazing news.   I am now a homeschooling mother!!!!

It is true.  I didn't want to share the news last week, until I had the chance to tell my Mum in person on the weekend.
 It has been an evolving journey, these last 6 1/2 years of mothering Saraya........ ups, downs, changes, going with the flow............. we always planned to homeschool her, then she begged to go to the school where Stuart works, I relented believing it was best to allow her the chance togive school a try.............. and now, after 16 months or so... and after some struggles over the past little while, plus the time needed for Will to grow up a bit, for me to adjust to having 3 littlies, plus loads of prayer, talking, reading, planning, thinking.......... as a family we have made the decision once again to become homeschoolers.  And this time, I believe it is official!  Saraya has said she would like to go back for year 12, to be part of the special graduating festivities, etc that go on......... we'll play that one by ear!  It's a long way off. ;)  Elijah has no desire to go to school so he'll no doubt homeschool right through (though of course we'll just take a year at a time).......... and William?  Well, we'll see.  :)  In my heart of hearts I am so ready to begin this amazing journey.  I am filled with joy and peace and rest, and just feel so privileged to be able to spend all this precious time with my children!

I will endeavour to share some of my experiences along the way.  I am presently working on our daily routines as we all adjust to the changes (though I must say we're all settling into it very smoothly!  We pretty much started last week as Saraya was home sick anyway)........... but I'll definitely still be blogging.  Oh yes.  I recognise the importance of maintaining my own sense of self, keeping some moments free just to be me.  Working out lots of ways to do this.  And as you well know, writing on my blog is something I just love to do. :)  I'm actually finding life much less busy and less stressful since having Saraya home with me.  And this is something you hear from most homeschooling families.  It's amazing!

I am looking forward to sharing my new adventure with you.  Honestly, I feel so relieved and just so right about this.  It's a wonderful feeling to have. 


Renata said...

You know how excited I am for you - it's nice to have someone to share our new journeys together!
So what kind of curriculum etc are you using? What style are you hoping to use? Praying for you that all goes well. We still love it - after all of one week!!!

Tereza said...

it's a wonderful desire in my opinion!

Karen said...

How exciting! May God bless your endeavor!


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