Saturday, May 23, 2009

The countdown is on!!!

I just needed to post to say............

My baby boy will be 1 year old tomorrow!!!!  

In 57 minutes, to be precise! 

I can hardly believe our sweet little boy will be ripping wrapping paper, chasing balloons and bubbles, blowing out candles and eating his first ever piece of birthday cake in just a few short hours.  To be really honest, I feel like crying.  :(   Why, you ask?  Well that's simple.  He is growing up too fast!!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday little Will!

I remember so vividly the day he was born. The year has flown by!

Renata said...

Happy, happy birthday to Will (since it's now tommorrow). I began reading I think when you had just given birth to him - doesn't time fly!! Hope you're all having a lovely time celebrating with him!


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