Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm feeling very tired tonight.  This week seems just so full.  Lots of bits and pieces have all come up in the same week, and it's a bit overwhelming right now.  It's wonderful to be busy in some ways - I love all the activities we're involved in, and we've been doing some fun things in our little homeschool.......... but I think tonight I need to remember that I don't need to do everything.   Sometimes I have issues with that. :)  I know that for me, these next few months will be focused on a lot of balancing things out.  Trial and error.  Learning as we go.

But really..........

.... so long as the house is relatively clean and tidy, my children are fed and washed, played with, cuddled and educated, my husband loved and adored.......... that's all that matters, right?  Well, almost.  I also need to be still and know that the God who made me loves me regardless of what I do or do not accomplish. Oh, and I do need to attend dance class on a Wednesday afternoon.  Just for my own personal joy!

Did anyone realise that tomorrow is Wednesday?  Suddenly I'm feeling a little less tired and have quite a smile on my face.

And right now I must go and drink my cup of green tea and eat my 3 glorious squares of organic white chocolate.  Goodnight.  :)


JM said...
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Theresa said...

Tired? Me too! In one hand I can't wait for Isaac to start sleeping through the night, on the other, I want him to stay a newborn.
Sigh, it's time for bed... no it's time to nurse Isaac to sleep...again!

Tereza said...

Well it's still Tuesday here:)
Yes...I know you're right:) You can't do it all at once and stay "happy"! One thing at a time!

Kerry T said...

Hey, I agree all those things are so important... Remember, you must have time for YOU. As Mums and wives, we can tend to forget that. Enjoy your boogie tonight!!!

Renata said...

You're doing so well. I'm finding it all a balance as well & like you look to the next few months to get a routine sorted! Thanks for the reminder that I can't do everything - too often I get frustrated about the lack of time & the amount of stuff left to do at the end of the day!


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