Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a wonderful weekend!!

We have been in Brisbane for the long weekend, and have had a BLAST!!!  One of those weekends we'll always talk about..... one of those weekends you don't want to end. :)
It was my birthday, so I was really happy to be able to be with my family for that.  It can be hard living away from them, so when we can be together for special occasions I feel so blessed.

We arrived Saturday afternoon after our morning of packing and travelling with the 3 most brilliant children on the planet!!!  Seriously, Saraya and Elijah were awake and dressed at 6:30am. Saraya proceeded to make both their breakfasts, brush both sets of teeth, put on all 4 shoes, etc.  I found them both sitting on the back steps with their backpacks on at 7:30am.  "Ummmm......... we're not quite ready to go!" I told them.  But they insisted on sitting and waiting right there for us.  Once the car got unlocked however, they hopped in and got buckled despite the fact that Stu and I were still packing, locking up etc. etc. for a further 20 mins or so.  They never moved an inch!  Just sat there, seatbelts on, chatting about all the excitement coming up.

And as for the trip down, the 2 eldest read books, played eye-spy, talked, sang songs quietly etc., while Mr William slept for the first 2 and a half hours!  Yippee!!  Only a half-hour left once he woke to entertain him before we arrived!  Trust me, some of our Brisbane drives are less than idylic, with squabbling or crying little ones, so we were very very thrilled with this one. :)

Saturday afternoon Mum treated both her and myself to a facial.  Oh my goodness, it was SO good!  It was only the 2nd one I'd ever had- oh so good! We then had a coffee and long chat......... I can't tell you how nice an afternoon it was!!  Thank you so much beautiful Mum!!  I love you. xo

Papa and Grandpa and kiddies had fun too that afternoon, fun of a different kind...... in the city!  They walked through Southbank, visited the Museum and Science Centre, and learnt lots. :)

Sunday afternoon was an absolute highlight.  My actual birthday gift (though I felt like I was receiving them all weekend!) was tickets to go see "Chicago"at the Lyric Theatre - and if you've been reading my blog for awhile you will know how much Stuart and I love the theatre.

It was a great production, incredible music, incredible dancing........ all in all, a really great afternoon!  We got dressed up (which we hadn't done in ages) and even went out to lunch before the show......... honestly, we rarely do these things but whenever we do it reaffirms to me how important it is to have good couple time!!  Of course, the children had a great time with their Nanna and Grandpa too, so everyone was happy! 

As for my actual birthday yesterday?  Well, after a birthday breakfast, and lunch complete with birthday cake (did I mention it was a great weekend???!), we travelled home yesterday afternoon.  Once again, a great drive.  Only one stop to feed and change William and give the children a play on a playground to let out some energy!  Eggs on toast for tea, unpacking, washing on etc.  Cups of tea, emails to check, bed. 

I can honestly say I've had a great birthday and a very refreshing start to my 29th year of life! 


Tereza said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaw you totally deserved every minute of it! Happy birthday!

jazzy cat said...

Wowee! ...and all that jaz ;-)

What a great birthday treat Min! You and Stu scrub up well too, if I may say so! Roll on the 29th year, it's obviously going to be a good one!

Renata said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So glad you had such a great weekend. Chicago - how much fun is that!?!?! (OK I'm just jealous). Hope the next week is just as exciting!

Sandra said...

Happy birthday! What a wonderful weekend you had!
I'm so glad you and Stuart enjoyed Chicago and had some special time together.
The boys were in town too on Saturday, how crazy is that? Brett took them to the Sciencecentre and they had lunch at the museum. I was working :<
But you guys sure look like you had a wonderful weekend.


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