Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday William!!!

We have had a great day today!!!!  I still cannot believe my littlest baby is now already a full year old.  This time, this night, one year ago, I was lying in my bed snuggling with a tiny newborn and now- well, he's this adorable little bald toddler.  :)

We started the day off with cuddles and more head-shaking....... ("He's ONE!!!  Can you believe it? How can he be one already???!!").............. then presents!  Will wasn't all that interested in them, but thankfully had two willing assistants to tear the paper, exclaim with delight, and of course demonstrate how to play with the new toys.  :)  The children chose their own gift for him - a slinky. And yes, it's already tangled and probably won't see out the week, but it was their pick for him and they enjoyed it!  And Will had lots of fun with it today anyhow.  Stu and I chose a Megablocks dumptruck to fulfill all WIlliam's push-it-around, load-it-up, make-machinery-sound-effects, fill-up-the-container, build-and-stack needs.  He loves it!

We were so happy to have my Mum and Ray here to share this special day.  Thanks so much for coming, we loved having you and look forward to seeing you soon for Elijah's birthday!

I'm so happy I caught this picture - 
Ray sat down to play the piano, and soon had a little shadow pull
up his own keyboard to join in. :)  Elijah loves his Grandpa.

The morning flew by. We all had fun exploring William's gifts - and the wrapping paper of course; it kept getting stuck to Will's feet and he was walking around with little 'skis' on!! - drinking coffee (well, the adults) and making William's birthday cake.  :)  I had planned on a teddy bear cake but I didn't have enough icing sugar or motivation, in the end.  SO, we had a square butter cake iced with chocolate frosting and decorated with Smarties.  Very colourful, I'm sure he was happy!  Saraya and Mum had fun putting the Smarties on and writing Will's name in them.

We had a little party lunch during which William proceeded to fall asleep.  When I figure out how to upload video footage I'll put up the video I took of him doing this...... cruel, I know, but so incredibly funny!!  And cute!!  He was eating his cake and literally his eyes were closing.  Poor little guy.  Birthdays are tiring!

I.......can........ hardly......... stay........awake......Must..... sleep.....


We farewelled our visitors and enjoyed the great outdoors after rest time, until baths and tea.

A great day, a monumental day and one to remember!

We all love and adore you William David.  You are SO very special to us, and we will treasure you every day of your life.  We just love having you in our family!  I hope you enjoyed your birthday today, and I look forward to seeing what wonderful things God has in store for you as you grow up.  :)  

P.S. for Andrew - YES, well done on picking the black eye, you are the first!!  A contest regarding that sweet little injured eye is coming to this space, this week - so keep watching! ;)


Copland said...

Happy Birthday William!

You've got a great family there, so I'm sure there will be many happy days like this to come.

Tereza said...

Happy 1st to little Will! He looks just like his daddy!:)
Cutie cake:)

Renata said...

Happy Birthday to Will!!! Looks like he had a great day & it's so nice to have grandparents there!!
Ellie is very excited because she has the same pj's as Saraya (the pink top ones)- so then I told her that Saraya's just started being homeschooled as well!!


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