Thursday, May 7, 2009

Highlights of my Thursday

*  Waking up to the sound of heavy rain on the roof.  I love lying in bed and listening to rain.
* Getting to lie in as Stuart offered to get up with WIlliam this morning. :)  More snuggling under my quilt, whilst listening to the rain.
*  Playing pirate lego with Saraya this morning.
*  Elijah giving me kisses all day today - he is my sweetheart!
*  Reading Saraya's funny caption on the collage she made...... 'A dog.  7th May 2009.  By Saraya.  "Lentily", age 1, is made of lentils.'  (yes, she was collaging with some lentils and split peas, 11 different kinds she had been sorting for a maths game! She enjoyed making artwork with them at the end).
*  Doing a fun bread-baking experiement with the children.  We made 2 batches of dough- one with yeast, and one without!  Which one do you think we enjoyed for lunch? 
*  Elijah's confession at dinner.... it went something like this.  We had just given thanks and prayed at dinner, and as we all began to eat Elijah said sheepishly, in a whisper, "Mamma, I just prayed to God that he wouldn't make night-time come anymore, because I don't like night-time.  So, it's not going to be night-time any more days now"  :)  Apparently daytime is much more fun.  I'm seriously hoping God doesn't answer this particular prayer!!! 
*  Having Stuart walk in tonight and say how nice dinner smelled, and how lovely it was to be home. :)  Seriously, that just about makes my day.
*  Cuddling with Saraya on her bed tonight while I sang to the children.  Feeling so thankful for them.
*  Knowing that tomorrow is another brand new day!  And it just so happens to be Friday!  And after our schoolwork and housework we're having lunch in the park with friends.  And I'm hosting a Baby blessing for a sweet friend tomorrow night....... more on that to come.  :)  
It's been a great day.

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Karen said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!


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