Friday, May 22, 2009

Off to the Fraser Coast Show!!!

Stuart surprised us at the dinner table last night by announcing that we were off to the show today!!  It comes but once a year, and I guess is a bit of a local highlight around here.  Not to mention an extra public holiday too!  To be totally honest, I'm not too fussed on the crowds and noise of this sort of exhibition - but today I had a brand new experience.  I saw the show through the eyes of my children, and it was wonderful.

I'm not going to caption these photos..... too tired........ but I hope you all enjoy them!!!  :) 

I know I said I wouldn't caption but kind-of needed to with these ones......
Saraya worked on a self-portrait while she was still at school last term, and her lovely teacher must have decided to enter it in the show even though she's not officially there anymore.  :)  She was pretty excited, and surprised!  SO - can you spot her?

Yes, here she is!!!  I am so proud of her efforts, I think it's a great picture!

 Have a great weekend everyone!


Copland said...

Ah, the show holiday... a great Maryborough tradition.

Man, I LOVED the show, to me it was all the best parts of M'boro crammed into one place and one weekend. The country craft stuff, the animals on display (I love the roosters!) and the part that is the most 'Maryborough-esque'... bumping into EVERYONE you know!

Love the hat Stu!

By the way, has William been fighting some other kids? He looks to have a black eye.

Tereza said...

looks like GREAT fun!! I love the pic of you and your hubby:)

Helen said...

Yay the show!!! We are completely avoiding any mention of it in our house. Just plain old can't be bothered! Such mean parents!!! Just love, love, love the photo of you and Stu!!!!Think it might be a framer Min! Love, love, love you!

Theresa said...

Hey Fern Family it looks like everyone had a great time at the show... I miss the local show. Anyways Saminda I noticed no glasses on your face, how are the contacts going for you? You look great!!

jazzy cat said...

Hey Min - I totally agree with everyone - great shot of you and Stu. Both looking rather fetching in your hats (Stu with a touch of the Alps about him)!

The local show is such a great institution to support - I loved the Redland Show for many years and these photos of the children and you remind me of the fun I had!

Theresa also reminded me of the lack of glasses - think you look gorgeous with contacts! Plus you are super slim and looking just lovely and radiant in general!

Alexis said...

Just happened on your blog, and oh my gosh, I am so in love with your baby! He's adorable!!!

Renata said...

That looks like so much fun! Our show is in September & since it's small it's fun to enter things into it. Glad you could all have a fun day together. Saraya did a great job on her picture!!


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