Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An award for a dear friend

Many many months ago, I discovered a lovely blog called Graceful Girlhood.  I pop in from time to time and always enjoy reading it.  I have found an award started there, and wish to pass it on to a very very special friend of mine............. my sister (in spirit), Cathy.

It's the Kindred Spirit Award.  If you have seen or read the "Anne" series, you'll understand. :)

Just as Anne and Diana were kindred spirits, like-minded friends who loved one another "for as long as the sun and the moon shall endure....", I am blessed to know and share daily life with Cathy.  She is a beautiful person and has been such a blessing to our entire family through the many ups and downs of our lives!  It is rare to find a friend who knows you so well you can communicate often without words, is intuitive to what you need, will stay up into the late hours of night praying for you, will create delightful hampers when you are sick or move house, will create a home away from home for your children, ....... and the one in my heart forever..... - will keep vigil praying by your side through a labour that goes on and on and on!!!!

This is an appropriate time to be mentioning Cathy, as she shared news of her own on her blog today.  She is expecting baby number 3 this September!  This baby has been prayed for for many many months, and all the family (and ours too) is overjoyed.  Would you join me in praying for my beautiful friend in the coming months?  I am looking into creating a blog button- she doesn't know this yet, but will once she's read this post :)- so we can create a network of prayer over Cathy and the little one(s) she is expecting.

Thankyou my friend, may God richly bless and protect you and your dear family forevermore.


Cathy said...

Oh...Oh... I read his aloud to help it sink in ... I'm crying and I don't believe it's the hormones this time...thank-you from the real depths of me. I will always be someone who is on constant "watch" for and over you and yours - it is such a privelage an honour to be your kindred spirit and have you as one too. I love you!

Renata said...

What a beautiful friend Cathy is to you. I shall have to go & look at her blog sometime. What wonderful news to be expecting another little one!


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