Friday, February 13, 2009

Cleaning Day

"As much as I converse
with sages and heroes, 
they have very little of my love and admiration.
I long for rural and domestic scenes, 
for the warbling of birds
and the prattling of my children."
Letter to his wife,
March 16, 1777

Don't you love this?  It sums up how I feel today.  Homey and happy.
Friday is housework day here in my home.  I have, over the years, fiddled about with various ways of keeping the housework up-to-date, and finally have settled on the "do it all in one day" approach.  Friday is the day.  I prioritise it as such, and the children know it and assist me (with a little coercion....... er, encouragement, at times. :))  Today is pupil-free, so Saraya is joining the fun with us!  We are washing and drying, getting all the laundry up to date.  Beds get stripped and fresh sheets laid on, the floors vacuumed and mopped, the bathroom and toilet scrubbed.  The dusting is done to a fashion.  It is not yet midday and we are nearly done!  Much playing has been done on the side, too.  Little bits of paper and toys seem to be floating about the house, so I've sent the children after their own messes through the morning.  

Friday night dinner is always simple- either leftovers or sandwiches/ wraps with salad.
We tend to eat earlier than usual, and this gets the children to bed early.  

And the best bit?  Friday night is "date night" for Stuart and I.  A tidy, clean and yummy-smelling house, minimal dishes, clean sheets, kids in bed early for the night, a movie, chocolate for certain.....  well, I love Fridays!!


Tereza said...

aaaaaaaaaawww that sounds so good!! Can you come clean my house too???
So i take it you don't get stressed doing it all in one day?

Renata said...

Sounds wonderful! Friday night is usually when we try & have date night as well! It's nice at the end of the week!

A clean house sounds wonderful - I should get busy & clean mine for when Dave & Zai return home this arvo!


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