Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday afternoon child-free time

How I spent it:

*  Tidied the house of toys etc.
*  Put clean sheets on Saraya's bed (we had a billet stay overnight last night, up with a group from Brisbane for a youth weekend at our church; a lovely Samoan boy, and a great hospitality experience for our family- especially little miss who gave up her room!)
*  Sat down for 20 minutes and read a magazine :)
*   Hung a load of washing
*  Folded and put away a load of washing
*  Watched the chicks scratch away for awhile (stu has made them a "tractor" type chicken-wire creation; they're growing, feathering and LOVING their time out in the garden!)
*  Did a little window-shopping on Ebay (and um..... bidded on a couple of skirts and shorts for Saraya......... shhh......)
*  Had a little look at for the first time - oh my goodness, it's handmade-stuff heaven!!
*  Sat with my diary and wrote some notes for the week ahead
*  Ran a lavender bath ready for the children's return (they're enjoying the benefits of having a Prep teacher for a Papa, having fun playing in the Prep yard while he does some work out there)
*  Headed outside to water the gardens and greet the weary wanderers.  We were out late last night at an engagement party, plus So You Think you can Dance is on tonight, plus it's Sunday night so it'll be early to bed for the little people!

I love my Sunday afternoon time.  The best bit?  The quiet.  It doesn't matter how I spend this time, the house is mine, it's peaceful and it's quiet.  And I don't have to talk for a whole 2 hours.


Stuart said...

That sounds productive and lovely. But what were you bidding on? Shhhh! Don't tell your husband.

jazzy cat said...

Did I mentin to you? Because I just discovered it also and it's bliss isn't it...for those hours of 'productive research' ;-)

Theresa said...

Don't you just love the chance to spend time in the quiet and get a few things done uninterrupted. Your Sunday afternoon sounds like a pleasant way to start the week.

Kerry T said...

I totally agree. How nice is it to have Peace and quiet and not talk for a couple of hours. What a treat!!!

Renata said...

You did well!
I'll have to check out etsy - never heard of it before!
The twins are going down for their rest in a few minutes - then I get my childfree time for a couple of hours!


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