Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

We are home.

I am SICK with a throat that is beyond swollen - I actually wonder if there is any passage through there at all?  My glands are all swollen up and I'm achy and feeling pitiful...
William has a goopy runny nose, and Saraya is down with fevers.  She's sleeping lots.  We got home last night, and all new the night would be bad- and it was.  Will is having trouble breathing and feeding because of his runny nose, and he is miserable.  The good news is that Stuart decided to stay home with us today and he is helping me run the ship.  I would be desperate without him today.  He has unpacked the bags with Elijah, cleaned out the chicks, and is now playing lego.  I'm sending him to get groceries soon......
THis is actually the first time I've got up properly this morning and after taking panadol yet again my throat is semi-bearable.  Enough to sit here and blog anyway.

Aside from us dropping like flies yesterday, we had a great birthday celebration with Mum and Ray!  Here are some pics:

with gifts for Nanna

my handsome little brother :)

This is cake I made for Mum- it turned out, thankfully!  Have a great birthday on Thursday, Mum!  I love you. xo

Hope everyone is having a good Monday.  I'm going to go put some washing on and then get some more rest....
Might make a big pot of garlic-y vegetable soup later.  Go away sickness!!!!!


Copland said...

Prayers for you guys. Go Stu!!

Sandra said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery!
The cake looks awesome. What flavour is it?

jazzy cat said...

THAT'S MICKEY?! Wow! Sorry to hear about your family being laid low! Good to hear Stu is on hand to steer the ship towards recovery ;-) That cake...yummmmm!

Renata said...

You poor thing - praying for a quick recovery for you.
Looks like you had a good time with your mum - the cake looks great!


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