Sunday, February 8, 2009

A little harvest

Late last week I harvested about 1/4 of the sweetcorn from my garden.  Its been a big hit with the children!

And these roses have the sweetest smell.  

I love the way they fragrance the house, naturally.  

Summer days are winding up, and so are my gardens.  I'm looking forward to the weeding,the composting, mulching and replanting for the Autumn/Winter crops.  Seasons and gardening - two of my favourite things!


Laura said...

Even though I've known for years about our seasons being mirrored, I still feel amazement at thinking that as you start to enter fall, we will soon be in spring, and as you go towards winter, summer will come to us.
The photos you posted are so inspiring, the rose is so beautiful, and the baby so adorable! I'd love to have corn right now, but it's still soup season. (Well, all the year is soup season for me...)
Thanks for inspiring me on!


Tereza said...

That sounds so nice.....I'd love to do a garden but I'm afraid right now I struggle just to keep my 3 houseplants alive!!!!!!!!!

Renata said...

They look lovely! You can almost smell those roses through the computer!
I'm looking forward to autumn as well - should start to plan my vege garden too...


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