Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Jane Austin week!

Kelly over at The Barefoot Mama is hosting........................

....................... this week!!

If you are a fan of Jane Austin's novels, want to learn more, or have never read one but would consider doing so (on my recommendation, do it, do it!), visit Kelly's blog to join in the festivities!! And pick up one of Jane's treasured novels if you can!  I'll be doing a few more Jane-related posts this week too.  

I am an Austin fan, though don't know if I could be classed as a "Janeite", quite yet.  I absolutely adore Pride and Prejudice, and there are days when I seriously think I was born in the wrong era. :)  I know my Mother's always thought so.  I watched Mansfield Park recently and really enjoyed it, but have never read it.  This week, amid dishwashing, tablescrubbing, laundryfolding, storyreading, bottomwiping and groceryshopping..... I am taking a trip to Mansfield Park on paper.  My Mum gave me a pile of old books a few months back, and one of them was Mansfield Park.  It's over 100 years old and falling apart, and I have a much newer version on my bookcase..... BUT, I want to be truly transported this week!  I shall finger those old pages with care, and enjoy being lifted from my daily grind into the glorious realm of Regency England.


Linden said...

Oh! I love Austen. Recently, I've been having "Dickens-weeks"... but I think transferring back a few more decades to Austen would be fun! I probably won't have time to reread any of the books, but I'll watch snippets of P&P if/when I can! Thanks for sharing!!!!

And now I'm completely jealous of you for that book!!!


Renata said...

Enjoy your reading foray!! Those old books looks so nice piled up there!

Mum-me said...

I've been a Jane Austen fan since my high school English teacher placed a copy of Pride and Prejudice into my hands. I even named one of my daughter's Jane.

Enjoy Mansfield Park, it's a fantastic read.

Cathy said...

Yay for books transporting us to another time and another place - a mini holiday again, even if only in our imaginations! I'm reading an old copy of my Nanna's of Sense and Sensibility; like you, one I've never actually read, but seen the movie; I'm pleased with how similar the movie is with the book - so nice when they keep it real. See you tomorrow, with love and prayers


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