Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Here in the House of Dreams today, we are dreaming of many things.
We are dreaming of sunshine.
We are dreaming of autumn.
We are dreaming of dancing, and singing, and having fun.
We are dreaming of being healthy again.

Stuart is back at work today after playing Doctor yesterday.  I miss him!  I've wound up with what I've self-diagnosed as "Viral Uvulitis"- in other words, my uvula (the "hangy bit" in your throat) is enormous, swollen, puffy and red raw.  My throat is so sore too.  That whole area is burning like fire.  I wound up at the hospital late late last night seeking antibiotics- I couldn't sleep a wink with the pain every time I swallowed, and thought I'd nip it in the bud- but apparently it's viral so it's just a wait-it-out thing.  Lots of salty water gargling, pumpkin soup eating, and the spraying of Difflam anti-inflammatory throat spray which I may be becoming slightly addicted to. :)  Lets just say I've blurred the "spray every hour and a half" lines a little!  It's the only relief I've been getting.  Anyway, I had about half an hour's sleep all up last night, so today's been.... interesting.
Saraya has still had low fevers on and off.  She also had a few vomits this morning, not that there's been anything in her tummy since Sunday, other than water and a few bits and pieces of fruit here and there.  Poor little baby, she's looked so grey and quiet and little all day today.  She kept down a bit of lunch though, and dinner.  She sat up with Stu and I tonight getting some one-on-one cuddle time and seemed a bit brighter. I'll keep her home again tomorrow for more dvd-watching and colouring in!
William is miserable as can be.  He is cutting several teeth (ugh! timing!) and the virus has given him a very runny nose and difficulty breathing at night etc.  He is clingy.  He's also decided he prefers drinking from a bottle while he's so stuffy so I'm trying to find time to express with the pump..... I really need an extra few hours in the day.........
Eiljah..... is fed up with the lot of us!  He was ill last week but is basically better as of today- and wanting to do more than laze around in his pj's!  So tomorrow I will endeavour to give him a more interesting day.
I notice the swelling in my throat has gone down a bit tonight, and I can now swallow without getting tears in my eyes and needing to grip on to something.  A sweet friend brought us some dinner over tonight and I actually ate it and it tasted wonderful.  Another friend brought chocolate (always welcome, and enjoyed particularly by Stuart!  I also had a little nibble and the sweetness was SO good) and another friend sent beautiful flowers.  Fancy going down to the laundry and finding a big bunch of flowers waiting on the back patio!  Well, they were the 3 highlights of my day.  No, there were 4 highlights- Mum also phoned from Brisbane to see how we're doing.  

I wish I had something more interesting to blog about.  All day today I've been longing to get to the computer to write one of the many posts I've constructed in my head.  But now that the day is done, Stuart is home, William has been resettled for the 5th time, and I"m HERE!! at the computer.......... I write the boring, real details of my day.  This, for now, is my reality, and I must embrace it!!!  And dream of the healthy, happy, energetic days to come.......................


Renata said...

I really hope you are recovering now. That viral infection sounds awful. Glad you have such lovely friends there!

Theresa said...

Hey Saminda, I have had this weird throat thing going on with my tongue feeling like it is on fire. I was told by the GP to try these throat lozenges and I have become addicted to them because of the relief they bring - Cepacol Lozenges.
check them out!

jazzy cat said...

Hey no drug advice I'm afraid ;-) but hope the throat is on the improve!!!!!


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