Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today I am marvelling at my littlest little man, William.

I cannot believe that he is nearly 9 months old.  He is crawling fast now, pulling up on everything, jabbering away in babytalk all day long, and becoming very curious about the world around him.  He is enjoying all kinds of different foods, and still loves watching his big brother sing and play.  He loves spending time in Saraya's room (lots of dolly faces to look at, and little tiny things which get snatched away quickly- beads and such), and absolutely adores being free to crawl outside.  He is a dirt-magnet, and loves digging like a wombat in soil and potplants. :)  He finds birds enthralling.  He could sit and watch our chicks all day long.  And he seems to have an interest in toy cars.  

But just 9 months ago (almost), he was a newborn baby!  He was a teeny tiny being who relied totally on me for everything.  I have to remind myself that that tiny baby, and this adventurous crawler, is the same little fellow.

This week he is like a flower, opening up and becoming his own little person.  I always find that going through a sickness changes the children.  They seem to come out the other side more grown, older, and different.  Add to that William's decision to wean off the breast, and it's been a huge week for him (and me).  He is still having expressed milk a few times a day, and is happily drinking from a bottle.  Neither of my other children ever had bottles, and didn't wean until the age of 2, so this is really different for me.  It's bittersweet in many ways.

I took this picture of Will yesterday while he was napping.  He loves sleeping with this soft blanket. He is growing up and changing so fast!!  See the little bruise on his eyelid?  He fell in the bath 2 days ago, and hit his eye on a toy- poor baby.  He is going through that standing up, falling down phase at the moment.  He is so brave!

Anyway, isn't it incredible how these tiny little people develop so fast?  I feel overwhelmed this week by God's creation, his provision and his grace.  And I'm just loving my little man!!


Heather said...

He's so precious :) They do grow up so fast, and of course we want them to grow and change and thrive, but it's so difficult to let go.

Pray for me...fertility appt. tomorrow at 3 PM :) I'm hoping for a sweet little boy of my own, this time around.

Tereza said...

So cute! It is bittersweet when they quit nursing!!

Aunt B. said...

Your litte guy is so adorable. I love the expression on his face in the picture of him eating corn farer down and the corn everywhere. I joked with my hubby that I had a new crush, to be ware.
I guess I will need to be patient and wait for Laura and or her brother to make me a grandma in a few or many years. Enjoy your family, I know you do, that is plain to see in your devotion to them.

Kelly said...

He's beautiful, Saminda! There's something so special and sweet about a sleeping babe. :o) I love William's little nose!


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