Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My heart is aching today as I have just read this story.  Little baby Cora was just a month older than William when her parents found out she had cancer in her liver.  She died, and went to be with Jesus yesterday- only 3 weeks after her initial diagnosis.  I cannot begin to imagine the grief her parents are experiencing.  They simply took Cora to the doctor for recurrent ear infections, never in the world expecting the weeks ahead of them.

Please pray for them as her funeral and burial is today.

This really puts things in perspective.  Life is fleeting and unpredictable.  If we have our life today, and our health, this is something to be truly thankful for.  Our families, our friends.  Today I'm not taking these things for granted.


Tereza said...

That must be major heartache for the parents!! By nature we think we have things under control because today we are healthy and today the kids are running around. I never want to take that for granted!!

Laura said...

Thank you for sharing... recently I've been having lots of thoughts on the fleetingness of life. This just... puts everything into focus and perspective. Thank you.



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