Friday, February 6, 2009

God's plans for our children

On Tuesday night as planned, I did my bible study here at home.  
I listened to the audio cd, prayed, and read some more of the first chapter of Nurture.  I'm just starting on the workbook too.  It was great!!  I know it's going to grow and challenge me, and I'm really looking forward to joining the other ladies once Wizard of Oz is finished.

I wanted to share the thing that struck my heart most from my reading so far.
Lisa Bevere was speaking of a conversation she had with her teenage son when he implored her late one night, "Mum, what do you see in me?  What do you think is my purpose for life?"  She reflected that she knew how important this moment was; her young, vulnerable son looking for his mothers affirmation, and desperately seeking after the heart of God.  
She writes:

"In the instant of this encounter I realized Alec's possibilities were limitless. I could fathom 
his life stretching and expanding so much farther than John's and my own.
I hesitated because I knew that what I said would go directly to his soul.

I told Alec I never wanted to limit what God had for him with my parametres.
I shared how he was quite possibly called in a way I had never seen modeled here on Earth.
 I found myself almost afraid to say too much, to paint a picture too precise or construct a box too small, for.........

How great are His signs, and how mighty His wonders!  His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and His dominion is from generation to generation.  Daniel 4:3"

I've been thinking a lot about this this week.  As our children grow, it's easy to begin to formulate in our minds who they are, what their talents are, and who they may become.  But I've been challenged now to think bigger, less precise.  Our plans are not God's plans.  If ever my children ask me the question Lisa's son did, I hope I too can answer in a way which will expand their minds, encouraging them to think big!!  God does.  He knows intimately WHY he has created each individual person, each child, and what He has in mind for their lives.

I believe Elijah has been gifted musically.  He has always loved and made music since he was a tiny tot.  I took this photo of him with his toy guitar yesterday.  All I can do is continue to encourage and expose him to music, keeping music playing regularly in our home, taking him to the Preschooler music group we go to, getting him lessons if and when he desires them, and praying that God would reveal to him as he grows the way He wants Elijah to use his gift.  I don't know yet what that will look like.  Maybe he'll compose, or conduct.  Maybe he'll dance.  Maybe he'll be a musician- a drummer, a guitarist, a pianist, a cellist.  It remains to be seen!!  Maybe he'll become the lead singer in a band and change the world.
Or maybe he'll come home from an everyday job, and sit strumming a guitar and singing in the evenings........ quietly bringing delight and the gift of music to his wife and children- and changing their world.

Let's not box in our children, or our God!  His ways are perfect.  Our job is to encourage, to expose our kids to the world, to give them opportunities to discover and enhance their natural gifts- whether they be for writing, sport, music, mothering children, medicine, science, or politics!!!  I'm excited to see all the children I know grow up, to see them blossom and become beautiful young adults.  I know this is years away yet, but still it's fun to dream!  And I know the time is flying by.

Saraya and Elijah were having a conversation the other day about their futures, and made a joint (spontaneous) decision to both become doctors.  They would have a clinic together, but their own offices and their own patients.  I joked that they would both have "Doctor Fern" on their doors!  "Which one of you would I come to see when I was sick?" I asked.  "Me!!!" they both chorused.  Well, it would be tough one but I always hoped a good female doctor would open a clinic in town.  How amazing to think it could be my own daughter!  Last I heard though, it had switched to becoming famous singers.
Whatever they do, I always hope they will follow their dreams and listen to God as He speaks to their hearts and guides their steps.  That will make me one very happy Mamma indeed. 


Linda said...

I enjoyed reading your post. I was pondering the future of my 17 year old last night and what I could do to help.

Renata said...

This is a beautiful post - thanks for sharing. I hope I could answer my children with such wisdom as that lady did.
Dave's mum decided that he should be a minister & has hassled him with it his whole life - if anything it has prevented him going into ministry. It's so important not to have our own designs on our children's lives.... of course if one of mine wanted to become a dr..........


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