Thursday, February 5, 2009

An exciting night!

Last night we exchanged a nice relaxing evening at home with home-cooked meal for running around the theatre, rehearsing munchkin scene, and eating KFC amid costumes and make-up people........ and a film crew. Yep, you read that right.
Yesterday afternoon/ night was the Channel 7 filming of the tv advertisement for the Wizard of Oz. Exciting stuff!!!!!!! There was a real buzz, mostly due to the last-minute costume finalising........... and the trying-out of makeup/ hairstyles/ prosthetic masks etc.!

Here is a sneak peak.... (I hope it's okay that I'm putting these pics on here- Stu has okayed it!)

The boy who is playing the "mayor of munchkin city", half-way through makeup

The tinman - he looked awesome!! This photo isn't his costume complete- he also has a metal breastplate, some armor on his arms, etc.

And the king of the forest himself!!
We're actually thinking the mask might be given the flick as it hides all Stuart's wonderful facial expression....... maybe more "Cats" style makeup instead? But the costume and mane etc. is allg getting there and looking brilliant!

The theatre adrenalin is pumping through our entire family. Well, maybe excepting William- though he did seem to enjoy himself last night, crawling through the theatre and entertaining the chorus members as they waited backstage for their turn to rehearse post-filming.

Seriously, if you can manage it, come and see this show! It's looking so great and I know it will be a huge success!!!

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