Friday, February 20, 2009

A Day in my Life- February

SO, the other day I discovered a lady who is hosting a "One day in my life" thread each month.  Technically, it's meant to be done on the 14th, so seeing as how I missed the 14th for this month, I'll just run this one on my own, without the link.  Stay tuned for March 14 to join the fun........

I absolutely love finding out how other people spend their days, how they run their homes, what they do with their time.  It's also fun to share and record mine!  So without further ado, here it is.  A day in my life...........  Today:

Woke up at 6am with Elijah beside the bed, "Mamma, I need a bandaid and I'm hungry".  Got up, leaving William and Stu to sleep.  Put on bandaid and made Elijah's breakfast, and helped him dress for the day.
I sat expressing some breastmilk while checking emails.  Aunt B's comment on my last post really lit up my morning. :)  Woke Stu, packed his and Saraya's lunchboxes and made him brekky.
7am- Will woke up.  I sat giving him his milk and read to the children on the couch. 
I then made my breakfast, leftover pikelets from yesterday and an orange.  Made Saraya's breakfast and sat eating with her.
Got dressed, and helped Saraya dress and do her morning jobs.  Packed her schoolbag and put by the front door.  I cleared the dishrack and washed the breakfast dishes.  The children played with the trainset and squabbled.  This is a very big problem at the moment, and worthy of a whole post. :(
Saraya's bus arrived and she rushed out, shoes in hand.  Woops.  Time just flies in the morning!
After waving her off, I made William his cereal and sat up at the table feeding him and reading my Bible, trying to brighten up and thinking of how to help the children with their current squabbling.  Jesus' commandment to love one another as He has loved us really struck chords with me.  Hmmmm....  Lots of thoughts running through my head!

I made a cup of green citrus tea and took my vitamins.  Found Elijah playing in his room, and we had a cuddle and prayed over our day, to be happier and more loving.  I put on a worship cd, surrendered our day to God, and felt better!
8:30 ish- joined Elijah in his room for a play.  Got into a creative game where I was "Marie", the cleaning lady, visiting him and his baby brother.  Managed to get his and Will's and mine and Sraya's beds all stripped and clean sheets on, as part of the game.  Cleaning day today.  Love incorporating my work into play with Eli- great fun, and I get more done!!

I love getting all the beds changed- clean sheets are one of my favourite things!

Checked emails and facebook briefly.  helped Elijah tidy up the trainset.  Put on ABC Kids for him.
I made a cup of coffee and put the first load of washing on.  Tidied under Elijah's bed, the playroom and saraya's floor in preparation for vacuuming later.  I changed Will's nappy and into a fresh singlet,  and rocked him to sleep at 10:15.  Elijah and I made morning tea together (funny fruity faces), then sat and ate it.  I drank my coffee. We chatted and I grabbed another few minutes with my Bible.

10:45am- I set Elijah up with some "split pea" play, some little tiny cups and tiny animals.  I  prepared to write a reply letter to a letter I received from a friend last week.  

When WIll woke he joined us at the table and munched on a biscuit.  He got fussy so I finished off the letter and headed with him outside to do some chores.
Will crawled around while I hung the washing and got the next load into the machine.  We moved the chicks out into their "run" and gave them fresh water and grain.

After crawling all over the garden and into the sandpit, Will was SO dirty, so I gave him a bath.  ELijah was doing some ironing with the toy iron.  I joined him at the table for a play with his game he'd set up for awhile.
I thought about vacuuming (it is Friday after all, housework day) ... then decided we'd have iceblocks instead. :)  It was very very hot today.  We listened to a kids' cd whilst sitting under the fan eating iceblocks- much better.
I then cleaned the bathroom and toilet, with a curious WIll watching my every move.  
I read Elijah a story, then tried to settle a very cross William - ended up giving him panadol to help with those teeth cutting through. He felt better after that, thankfully!  Many tears.
I made a simple lunch of sandwiches and milk arrowroot biscuits with a peppermint tea for me and a pink milk for Eiljah.  Will ate mashed pumpkin. :)

Elijah hopped onto the computer just before 2pm, to play PBS KIDS.  I washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and highchair while Will played with the fridge magnets. :)  Took him outside to bring 1st load washing in, hang the 2nd, and put the 3rd into the machine. We moved and fed the chicks, cut some flowers for a vase for my room, and checked the mailbox.  No mail.. :(

I love this photo!!!

I pottered for awhile holding Will, then rocked him and got him down at 2:30.
Helped ELi finish off on the computer, then lay with him on my bed with some books.  Read him a couple then shut my eyes for awhile. He flicked through his books then announced it was time to get up.  We (unwillingly, for me at least) got up at 3:15, and made some cupcakes for afternoon tea.
Saraya arrived home at 3:30pm.  I had promised lollypops (from last CHristmas, the kids found them hiding in the pantry....) and a dvd as a Friday afternoon treat, so they got into that.
I sat down in the living room with them, a cup of coffee (yes 2 in one day, I know, it's bad) and my "Nurture" book which we're doing for Bible study and enjoyed some quiet reading time.  I iced the cupcakes and ate too much leftover icing. :)

 Popped outside to check washing and harvested the remaining corn.

William woke at 4pm and I gave him his bottle.  
The children and I headed outside, I got the washing off and folded.  Had to discipline them again for squabbling/ pushing, and seperated them and talked through all that for awhile.  :(  I got then into some seperate playtime (again), brought William in and started the vacuuming- last cleaning job for the day.  I put the last load of washing into the dryer.  Elijah loves to "put away the cord"..........

Stuart was home and catching up with the kids, so I sat and looked at a few blogs for 10 minutes or so, then dinner was delivered!  A kind friend who homeschools was doing cooking with her boys today, and had offered some of their meal to us.  I gave them some cupcakes in return. :)
We ate dinner of lasagne, salad and fresh fruit, and then I bathed a very messy William.
Stuart did the dishes (sweet hubby) while I took a shower.  Children playing (happily, yay).

I did their night-time jobs with them.  
While Stu settled ELijah, I made Saraya a chamomile tea to help her settle, read her a chapter of Farmer Boy, prayed with her, sang to her, said goodnight to Elijah, gave WIlliam his milk, ate cupcakes and had cold drinks with Stuart (it's still HOT!), tidied up a bit........... and here I am!!!!  Phew!!  It's now 9:30pm and we'll soon head to bed. Stu is reading his script and doing some stuff for work.  He has very long rehearsals tomorrow.

So there you go.  A pretty typical Friday for me.  Probably WAY too many details, but hey, I love details so please share all yours if you decide to participate in the "A day in my life" thread...... more details coming soon!


Copland said...

Phew! Well, I don't know about you, but I'm stuffed, and all I did was read about it...

Tell Stu I said hi.

Aunt B. said...

Busy day, cleaning and caring for the children all weaved together. And poor William teething, and this will give way to a beautiful smile.
I enjoy how the English language is spokening differently around the world. May I ask, what is iceblocks and pottered? Pieces of ice and puttering around, perhaps?
I'm glad my comments from earlier lit up your morning. The pics of William and the sheets hanging outside brighten up my winter overcast skies morning. I love hanging clothes outside in the summer, the smell of fresh air on my bedsheets is one of those simple pleasures in life. Ah, the Lord provides little joys along our daily journey in life. Enjoy it and Him.

Tereza said...

This was SO FUN!! I loved having a peek into your life:)

Heather said...

I love this post! Elijah is looking so grown up in these pics. I also love the one of little William sitting in the grass next to the billowing sheets. So cute!

This is a neat idea, to do one of these "day in the life" posts every month. I love peeking into other people's lives. I'm just nosy, I guess.

Kerry Taylor said...

That was a lovely post... I really enjoyed reading it. Nice to know I am not the only one that is struggling with squabbling children at the moment. We must catch up soon for a tea or coffee or 2 or 3. Tee hee!

jazzy cat said...

Very insightful post into your life. I too say 'Phew!' after reading it!

Renata said...

What a great post - I also enjoy reading how people spend their day!


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