Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My new-look school day!

Okay, life is seriously going to be different around home during the school days from now on.
Starting this morning, Saraya is catching the bus to and from school which means no more school drop off and no more school pick up.  This is HUGE!!!!  

First, let me explain that the bus is only a 12-seater (more like a large van), with about 10 students from Saraya's school, and only from the junior school. Second, it picks her up and drops her off right at our front gate.  Third, the driver is the school chaplain, also known as a member of our church and a good family friend.  Forth, it costs approximately the same amount as we're currently spending on petrol doing the drive out to school and back twice a day.  Brilliant!!

Saraya is so excited about this little bit of independence (as if she needs more- isn't going to school enough in itself?), and she couldn't wait to try it out this morning.  THis makes me very happy.  It also makes life SO much easier for me.  Of course, I've never minded doing the drive- it comes with the job description of motherhood!  And I will miss seeing my friends out there too...... but that can be fixed with a phone call in the day or a visit.  Elijah is thrilled because it gives him more independent playtime, plus playtime with me, plus he doesn't need to sit in his carseat for half an hour or so each day.  William will finally be able to sleep when he wants to.... this morning he went down happily (he is loving his cot and self-settling so well, hooray!) and slept for 1 1/2 hours.  Generally he times his sleeps for mid-morning and mid-afternoon, right when we're normally driving and hopping in/ out of the car. This has always been tricky.

And I am happy because they're all happy.  And because it's less going in-and-out of the house- something I never enjoy!  Also, including the driving, parking, walking in, chatting, etc. etc. I'll be saving nearly 2 hours a day which means a slower, more calm life in general.  The boys and I still have the car sitting there and can plan to have outings/ do jobs in town or whatever, when it suits us all to do so.  Oh boy, am I excited!

I wanted to attach a photo of Saraya getting onto the bus with her beaming smile this morning, but someone has borrowed my camera (hmmmm, Stuart, I need it back!  can't blog without photos.....)  I'll try to take one tomorrow.

It will be quite surreal to have her arrive home this afternoon and to be able to have afternoon tea made and set out on the table, all ready to go.  I'm hoping it will be a blessing to her to be able to come home to a happy house that's just bursting to see her after her long day (not that the bus adds much more time- only 20 minutes in the morning).  I found this quote yesterday and loved it:

"It was the policy of the good old gentleman to make his children feel that home was the happiest place in the world;
and I value this delicious home-feeling as one of the choicest gifts a parent can bestow."  
Washington Irving

I pray I can bestow this gift to each of my children, as they go off into the world, and come home again to safety and comfort, peace and belonging.


Kerry T said...

It really does allow more time at home (which is awesome). William is able to have uninterrupted sleeps, and then you can get some more time also. And Saraya feels that extra grown up. Basically it's all WIN/WIN. COngratulations, Saminda!!! Hi Five to a freer day!!

Cathy said...

I've posted something similar today!! Great min ds think alike huh?! Trusting your head clears with this new slow-pace, too:)Will talk soon.

Renata said...

You are going to love the extra time. I'm so thankful for our bus - I couldnt' imagine what it's like to have to do the drop-off & pick-up everyday. Enjoy your precious boys & that afternoon tea waiting sounds delightful!


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